The Beauty Of The Community

For many individuals who witness the gay community they feel that they are just a bunch of people who are going “down the wrong path” but tonight I witnessed something that warmed my heart. 

I attend an arts college and they had a few drama productions and one of the play was about a young man and his sexuality and how he was introduced to the act of sex through rape and how he prayed the gay away. I watched many of the audience members both gay and straight being captivated by this young man’s performance. 

 I saw how they felt proud when certain aspects where being brought up and how they seemed concerned when the aspect of rape was brought up. 

They were all one. Gay , straight or what ever the people in the audience identified as. The plight of a homosexual character joined them together so why can’t we do this in real life?

Why be so separated the beauty of life can blossom in both beautiful communities 


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