It’s The Little Things 

On the journey to self love I have found that it’s the smallest mile stones that mean the most to me. The fact that I like the way my skin is with all its scars and discoloration. The fact that I love the giggle of my thighs when I walk and the way I feel the curves of my body as I shower the saddens of the day away.

Self love is not easy but it’s worth it. When you reach a point in your path where you stop listening to the people and you start listening to you. The voice that tells you your beautiful and believe it, the voice that constantly reminds you of how blessed you are just to be alive. 

Self love is a bitter pill to swollow. Many days I refuse to take the pill and other days I stand infront of my dirty bathroom mirror just starting at a being in its most natural state;naked; and looking at every imperfection both internally and externally. Appricating that I have all these flaws for one reason or another and without them I wouldn’t be the being I am today, flaws and all. 

Society pressures you to look one way but it’s your turn to say FUCK YOU I’m proud of who I am. 


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