Reuniting With One’s Self

Well this time on earth has been a weird roller coaster of ups, downs, twist and turns that have lead me to the point where I am now. I am reuniting we me. The little girl who had big dreams of traveling the world and just being a free spirit; not being bound by what society or family has to say just being me.

I guess losing you was a step in the right direction on many fronts. My heart and my soul have finally found their way back to each other and it feels fucking amazing. i haven’t felt like this since i was in my teens. the years where it was my darkest time of life but it was also the times where i let my guard down and let my soul lead me instead of the stupid external influences that weighed on my brain.

This is the journey my soul was once on but lost its was in the dead of the night but it has finally found its way back and its working so hard to stay on this path. Me being the housing of this soul has to find the right nutrients that will not only help me to grow but for my soul to flourish and spread its canopy.

Never let society define who you are and what you do; we all are a unique collection of DNA and space matter but this collection is so rare there is only one you.



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