My brain ; The WAR ZONE

Why do I run? 

That’s a question I ask my self a lot of times,I ask my friends this as well. We all are aware that our minds are the cause of many of our fears and worries but we still run. 

What has been stuffed in our thoughts to think that surrendering to the beast and fighting back is so bad. Days have gone where I would just sit and let the beast consume me without even thinking about fighting back but now is the time. 

Or is it? 

I run because I’m scared 

I run because I have experienced the bad and gotten a glimps of the worst and I don’t want to face that 

I run because the demon has gotten stronger by destroying me 

I run because I just need to be free 

But with this freedom comes new demons , new damage and worst of all A MORE FUCKED UP MIND 


4 thoughts on “My brain ; The WAR ZONE

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