You lay on the sand tucked away on the corner of a nudist beach 
Your heart is racing and your looking at everyone around you but something about the ocean compels you to just be free and let go of all inhibitions  

The sand is warm under your body The sun kisses your melanin skin giving you the glow your ancestors had .The cool air flows over your body causing everything to stand at attention. 

You are a complete being in this moment. The sounds that flow from your mouth nourishes the soil below you. 

The scent of your body sends out a beacon of light attracting positivity like a moth to a flame. 

The weirdness you felt before has melted away you have become one with the day. 

Embracing the power of your sexuality 

Showing the world that your not sorry 

Engraving into your brain that your body is glorious and that you deserve to be kissed by the gods above. 

As your skin darkens the sun sets. You look out at the ocean tides and a wave of energy washes over you. 

Your body is in balance with your spirit , the world is calm for that split second, everything is alright. 

As your leaving you make a wish; What ever was in that atmosphere may it be passed on to your generations that follow and give them that wisdom that it had just placed upon the crown of your head. 


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