A Zen Space 

So I started to meditate again after taking a very long break and wow was this sessions was like a spring cleaning of my spirit. 

I sat on the floor of room for almost fifteen minutes just on an internal journey. I was constantly being brought to my heart and my mind. I was able to dust of the shelves in my heart and get rid of some of the old junk that I had been caring around for a while but there was a shelf that just had an aura that made me stay away and that’s fine. 

My mind was a different story, I couldn’t pass the threshold to even start cleaning out the past. The more I sat there just focusing on my breathing the more I wanted to just get the courage to pass the door. 

Meditation brought me to a place where I know I need to clear out my internal closet. Let’s see what I discover after a few more sessions. 


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