The Plight Of A Single Mother 

Economically the world has been evolving and its causes some to get richer and then there is the rest of us. 

Being in a house hold where my mother is the bread winner , the doctor, the teacher and everything in between is like being in a world war of words, actions and emotions. She is in a place where she can’t provide for her family to the extent that she want to because she is not as educated and because her work is seasonal we often have to struggle to make ends meet a lot of the times. 

Though she is a “single” mom she makes sure that she is doing the best she can to hide the worst of it from me however I can see the walls break down behind her eyes, the way how my voice sounds when I say I am hungry hurts her ears because all she is trying to do is her best. 

My father is there but also not there; he has his new life now and has some what forgotten about the one he had before but we are still striving. My single mother has gone hungry and with out some much so I can attended a college that fosters my artistic talents but with that comes the price she has to pay. Depressed, heartbroken and just miserable but the smile on her face when I proudly state the college I attended is worth her pain. 

Her hopes and dreams are to make me succced in life and even if it is the last thing I do I will make her not only proud but able to put her feet up and not have to worry about the bills any more.


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