The Rebirth

Life is a cycle of change ; we are constantly in a wave of changes that not only affects us mentally but also physically however its how we embrace those changes that plays a role in our steps forward in this journey.

The path to a rebirth is filled with bumps that has one thinking to just turn around and just give up and the world will always tell you the story that its worth it in the end but never tells you from the point of view of in the middle of this crazy storm. i want to hear about the nights you cried, the days you just stared at the walls lost in a wonderland that is far beyond your reach. Tell me about the times that you just thought about doing some crazy activities because you were at a point where nothing at all looked like it would work out.

Tell me that these are the days that built you. I don’t want the sugar coated shit you feed the rest of the world; hearing these stories make me feel better because i can actually relate to feeling like i am at the end of the rope rather than the feeling of glory at the end.

My path to rebirth has felt like a knife been constantly stabbed in my spin slowly crippling me with every new wound but i push through. I sat in bed many nights wondering where have i gone wrong , did i do some horrible acts in my past life or is this apart of my journey. I am currently still at that stage but waiting to see whats life next move will be. I draw my cards and hold them close but in this game of rebirth your cards don’t matter sometimes .


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